"A great therapist and listener."

Thanks for all your support Jonathon.
It’s been a very helpful experience for me.  
I’d like to thank you for helping me realise I need to rebuild my relationship with my wife and more importantly discuss a couple of difficult topics.
Joseph  | London

"A great therapist and listener."

I want to thank you so much Jonathon for all your help. 

I’ve got so much out of it. You’ve helped me understand my anxiety triggers and given me the tools to help fight it.
You’re a great therapist and listener. You gave me space and insight to help me understand the more complex aspects of my personality and I know this has helped me significantly on my journey.
I’ll miss our sessions…
Oliver  | Newcastle

Online, we’d talk through my issues in our safe space. There, he’d offer the insight, warmth and caring I needed to recognise their root causes and effects.

If my thoughts didn’t make sense he’d ask me to repeat myself.  He keeps track of your thoughts and that let me know just how interested he is in what you have to say. Jonathon’s personable and patient manner shines through. Find him and book him.
Andrew  | Canterbury

Jonathon’s very easy to talk to – in my experience not all counsellors are…

My mental health around anxiety has greatly improved and I now have a greater understanding of it and how to deal with it. Jonathon is knowledgeable … and approaches matters from more than one angle, which I’ve found very helpful.
I’ve benefitted hugely from my therapy sessions … Jonathon is an excellent counsellor.
Ellen  | Leeds

"In short it's been a life-changing experience"

At first I was really quite unsure about therapy but with Jonathon I soon felt totally comfortable about sharing my thoughts and feelings …

… counselling has changed my outlook on life and my confidence and self-esteem have grown massively… in short it’s been a life-changing experience.
Rick  | Brighton

"My gift is …
I began to truly like myself"

Before I started therapy, I had no idea what to expect. Jonathon quickly put me at ease and his gentle, empathic approach helped me to quickly learn he was someone I could trust.

Sessions with Jonathon became one of the highlights of my week and speaking via Skype made it easy to take a break from work and reflect for an hour.
Through therapy with Jonathon, I learned a huge amount about myself and what has made me who I am today. I also began to truly like myself, which is a gift that I will forever be grateful for.
Sam | Bristol

"It's been amazing … to re-find my inner strength"

Jonathon is a wonderful and patient therapist. I contacted him during a very difficult time in my life, when I felt like everything was going wrong.

I felt like I was in crisis in every area of my life. It was my first experience of having a therapist so I was very hesitant and sceptical.

I cannot recommend Jonathon enough.

He helped me look at things differently. His questions regarding my circumstances guided and challenged me to focus and build on my achievements and think less about things that have no positive effect on my life. Because of my sessions with Jonathon, I am more confident in myself and able to have a clear perspective on relationships/friendships that didn’t work out, something I didn’t have before my sessions with Jonathon. It’s been amazing, when I felt completely lost, to work with a therapist who helped me re-find my inner strength. Thank you again Jonathon for everything!
Jayne | Manchester

"Therapy helped find answers to complex issues"

After a particularly severe bout of anxiety and depression I was lucky enough to find Jonathon.

I’ve found our sessions very beneficial and he always makes it so easy for me to talk. Finding a good therapist isn’t easy but I can honestly say I felt in very good hands with Jonathon. He’s engaging, kind, non-judgemental, empathic and has helped me find answers to complex issues.
Andy | London