"It's been amazing … to re-find my inner strength"

Jonathon is a wonderful and patient therapist. I contacted him during a very difficult time in my life, when I felt like everything was going wrong.

I felt like I was in crisis in every area of my life. It was my first experience of having a therapist so I was very hesitant and sceptical.

I cannot recommend Jonathon enough.

He helped me look at things differently. His questions regarding my circumstances guided and challenged me to focus and build on my achievements and think less about things that have no positive effect on my life. Because of my sessions with Jonathon, I am more confident in myself and able to have a clear perspective on relationships/friendships that didn’t work out, something I didn’t have before my sessions with Jonathon. It’s been amazing, when I felt completely lost, to work with a therapist who helped me re-find my inner strength. Thank you again Jonathon for everything!
Jayne | Manchester